Thing 21: Online Games and Learning

National Museum of Scotland – Morse Code

This is a simple cute game that illustrates how text is translated into Morse code. It’s basic but I think gives enough information to get the point across. I did wonder how useful it would be for a younger child who had no idea how Morse code worked at all, or before a child could read well,  perhaps it could be usefully incorporated into some face-to-face teaching, or supported by further explanation.

GeoGebra – Puzzles

This is a nice interactive shape matching puzzle. I was interested to see that they don’t actually score you for being correct! I think it’s just the fun of knowing you’ve got it right! You can then reset it and do it as many times as you want too. They are challenging puzzles and I can see them being used as part of a maths lesson or for an interested child to explore at home. The interface feels exploratory, there are few instructions and you just pulls the pieces about to work out what does what.



It’s interesting that despite these being online games my first thought is to incorporate them into face-to-face teaching!