Thing 18: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Engrossed in another world



As recommended for this week I tried InCell – a game where you are miniaturised into the micro world of human cell and must race stop the advance of a virus in your patient. I was able to use this during a team coffee break using the VR googles we have in the office. It was really good fun and worked well – I tried Google Cardboard before and had trouble ‘pressing’ buttons but this was very responsive. VR is still not quite the HoloDeck from Star Trek ….but it’s getting closer….



Augmented Reality

In contrast to the frustration of Geocaching – PokemonGo is easy to get started with. The little critters where even in my office the first time I logged in! I found two PokeStops just round the corner from work and have ‘caught’a few creatures already. I can see myself livening up a familiar walk with this. I saw someone using it on the bus recently – which would be an easy way to amuse yourself. Like Geocaching, I like the idea of people playing a game in the space that we share. It adds new layers to our shared experiences.

I can see as a game it has potential to grow, as you try to collect sets of creatures (I have 8/250 so plenty more to find!) and medals. I also like the idea that it encourages you to go outside and explore the world around you – something to encourage me outside for a walk on a cold lunchtime.