Thing 7: Twitter & Bonus Thing B

Twitter has slowly grown on me! I first joined Twitter in April 2009, as far as I remember because everyone was talking about it! I really didn’t get the point of Twitter, at this time I was using FaceBook (and Bebo) and social media connecting friends made much more sense to me that short public messages on Twitter. I was slightly scared about writing messages in such a public space. Actually I still am a wee bit scared of Twitter and I’m generally very cautious about what I put there!

Today I took part in the #23edch Twitter chat.  My favourite use for twitter is at real time events, like being at a conference and following the conference hash tag. Or sometimes even not being at a conference and following the hashtag – as I wrote about in a recent bog post! The #23edch chat was based around answering 7 questions. Answering made me reflect on my on use of Twitter (and 23 Things so far) while reading other people ideas offered new ideas (I’m following several new people and lists based on the suggestions). I enjoyed the structure the questions gave the session.

I’m interested to see how many people use Twitter for note taking – for example at events – I’m intrigued by this approach but I’m not confident about my ability to do this kind of ‘public’ note taking under time pressure? I’m less a ‘live blogger’ and more a ‘reflective post a week after’ kind of woman! But that doesn’t mean I don’t find other peoples tweet- notes useful to read and refer too  – so in that respect maybe I’m a twitter lurker?

Several of us picked Thing 5 as there most surprising week so far – which gave me another change to share my Bitmoji!