Thing 22: Vine

For this ‘thing’ – about fun and play – I decided to experiment with Vine. I wasn’t 100% sure what I usefully do with a 6 second video – but I was inspired by the examples on I began by watching the Vine Video Tutorial  which made it all seem very straightforward. However my experience was a bit more frustrating. I was using Vine on an Android phone and quickly myself stuck – I sought out help from my wise colleague, and together we realised that on Android the App relies on the built in back button, so I could escape what appeared to be an editing dead end. I wanted to put together a short animation as I drew a small picture with felt tip pens – a simple idea which proved more challenging than I’d imagined for the following reasons:

  • It is hard to hold the phone, press the screen and write at the same time!
  • I don’t find the  Vine app very responsive and couldn’t always get it to record when I pressed the screen.
  • I struggled to use the edit option – in the end attempting to make something in one go.
  • The lighting in my office is not great – even when I set up a lamp it was hard to get Vine to pick up the colours.
  • 6 seconds is a really short time!

But I persevered and managed to make a wee vine that I am quite proud off.

And a second version where I roped in a colleague to do the filming for me!

On the 23Things website it was pointed out that the Vine service is set to close – I had a look on the website and it appears that it will still exist ongoing in a cut down form with videos posted directly to Twitter. Which is good because I’d be interested to experiment with this further.