Thing 10: Wikimedia Adventure

I’m a reluctant Wikipedia editor! I read Wikipedia regularly, I’m very pro its philosophy of open knowledge. I’ve even created an account, but not got any further. So I’m hoping that if I Play The Wikipedia Adventure I’ll make that next step!

Mission 1 – I finally updated a wiki page! Technically very easy – but it’s the psychological hurdle that was jumped!

Mission 2 – The Talk pages are new to me – there is a whole new syntax to learn….I was also interested to learn this:

That’s why our motto on Wikipedia is to Be Bold!

Mission 3 – Edit typos

Mission 4 – View History – to see changes to an article. NPOV – neutral point of view

Mission 5 – The Teahouse – How do we know that something on Wikipedia is ‘true’? Verifiability – based on high quality published sources.

Mission 6 – Civility – Play nice – Adding citations and references

Mission 7 – Collaboration – Linus’ Law

Research has shown that Wikipedia is just as accurate as other encyclopedias, but its errors get fixed *faster*. We are living proof of the coders’ motto that: “With enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”.

Adding Sections, wikilinks to relevant and unique terms and images from Wikimedia Commons.

Playing the Wikipedia Adventure game is a helpful way to learn how to use Wikipedia – but despite it’s best efforts to simplify things –  I do get the impression there is a lot of protocol around using Wikipedia. Without the prompts I don’t think I’d remember to add edit summaries!

Maybe next time I see a typo or a simple edit on a Wikipedia page, I’ll go for it and make that edit…remembering the motto to Be Bold!