Thing 23: Reflection

Here I am finally (and just a few weeks late!) tackling the final’thing’ by looking back over my experience of completing the 23 Things for Digital Knowledge activities.

The things that I particularly enjoyed are:

I really enjoyed the blogging aspect of the course, I find it adds an extra element to the experience  – first you read the articles and experiment with a tool – but it’s really when I write a blog post that I try to draw out some conclusions about what I’ve learned from the experience or what I might take forward.  I have been reading the community blogs – though I do like to have completed my own post before I head over as otherwise it can be quite intimidating! It was interesting to see how different people tackled different ‘things’ – many weeks had several options for activities and I didn’t have time to look at everything – but the community blog allowed me to share other peoples experiences of these and also there differing perspectives on things I’d also explored.

My only difficulty in completing the Things was time. Weeks where I had small pockets of time throughout the week to drop in and out where great.  I found it best if I could read an article  or have a play with a tool and then come back later to write the blog post (after a bit of thinking time). But at a couple of points I was really busy and didn’t get near the 23Things – I felt myself slipping back and ’23’ suddenly seemed like an awful lot! I was really pleased that the deadline for completing was extended so that I had a bit more time to complete.

I’ve never done a course quite like this before, I like the fact that it is fully out in the open and that much of the connecting is through blogs and Twitter. I like that I end up with my own completed blog as a memento of my learning experience. I’ll certainly look to do something similar again. I’m not sure what I’d change – personally I might try not to feel I had to do everything! I was part of the team providing support, so I’m looking forward to getting feedback from participants in this area.

At the beginning of this course I wrote this about  what I hoped to gain out of the 23 Things course:

I hope its going to be fun and will challenge me to try new things.

Looking back I think it has helped to challenge me to try new things – we can all benefit from a prod to move us outside our comfort zones! Taking part in the course meant that I took time to try to understand things that I couldn’t always see the immediate usefulness or application off. As a Learning Technology Advisor  I am often working to support staff to develop new skills at the edges of their comfort zones and this experiences reminds me of what that space feels like – both the possibilities and frustrations!

Image Credit: Susan Greig, Reflected Clouds