Thing 14: Audio – Podcasts and SoundCloud

I’m a big lover of audio books (actually I have been since as a child I discovered you could borrow vast boxes of cassette tapes to listen to at the library) but now I’m more high tech and have an Audible subscription.

So you’d think podcasts would be just the thing for me. But so far the correct marriage of technology has failed me. I mainly listen to books on the go, so I need them on my mobile phone and ideally downloadable as I don’t have a generous data package on my phone. I recently discovered the ‘Reply All‘ podcasts, and that I can listen to them via Spotify which works for me as I already use this App (and download them – even on the free version).

I take a look at SoundCloud initially I’m pretty disappointed as it seems to be focusing on music (but then I start finding music I like..) But I do find some things I fancy listening too. It’s really frustrating trying to find my way around another new system, especially when I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for!

Then I find the Digital Human series from BBC Radio 4 – which is something I’ve been meaning to listen too. I’ve downloaded the Soundcloud App to my phone, I’ve got my ‘listening matter’ sorted out for the next week – I’ll let you know how I get on (though it does look like I’ll have to go premium if I want to download content).

Image credit: Beth Tribe Show Me Your Library Card – audiobooks on cassette, CD and playaways CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


3 thoughts on “Thing 14: Audio – Podcasts and SoundCloud

  1. I had the same problem with working out how to actually download the podcasts onto my phone! I didn’t want to pay for SoundCloud. I’ve found the CastBox app, which notifies you when there are new episodes for subscribed podcasts and lets you download them. It’s free on Android, although does have ads.


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