Thing 13: Video with Vimeo

eI’m already familiar with YouTube and Media Hopper, so so this activity I took a look at Vimeo. First I tried to work out how Vimeo differs from YouTube – the suggests that it has an emphasis on high quality and on creative content. Certainly the interface looks ‘arty’ and sleak. I search around for content related to education. But I don’t find the same kind of content I’m used to in YouTube, which by comparison has lower production values. I stumbled across this lovely video with sweeping arial shots of Edinburgh.

Portobello Edinburgh from walid salhab on Vimeo.

I had a look at the Instructionals category which is more like my area, but the examples are all very slick.

How to Hollow a Book from Food52 on Vimeo.

In contrast to YouTube examples:

You can make videos to ‘Watch Later’ in Vimeo then access this from your profile – like a playlist on YouTube.

I can’t find the licence information for the videos I’ve looked at so far so I go and look through the FAQs and find this advice on Creative Commons. I then find I can filter search results by CC licence types, but it was not easy to find! The video I find has a download option, which only seems to be an option on some videos? I still can’t find the licencing information on the video? From this brief look I’ve not found the platform very usable. It is interesting to explore another platform and I would like to take some more time to explore further. I’ll be interested to see what others who blog about Vimeo say.

Image credit: Andrea R lego movie camera CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



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