Thing 11: Copyright

I love the Creative Commons Search Tool – It’s on my browser tool bar and is my go to choice for image searching. When I’m putting together presentations, I either use my own photographs, so I have the copyright, or images I’ve sourced from here with appropriate CC licences.

I recently put together a presentation to be delivered on Halloween – and these are a couple of my favorite images from that:


Jack-o’-lanterns William Warby CC BY 2.0


Mary Ellen Page’s Halloween Town 2009 by Kevin Dooley CC BY 2.0

Ideally I look for images with a CC BY licence. I do sometimes use other images with licences but I’m a bit confused by the Share Alike aspect  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 as this says:

ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Usually I’m collecting images to illustrate a presentation, and even if I share this round afterwards I don’t add a CC licence. Maybe I should be doing this? Or maybe if I’ve used a SA licence for one of the images I’ve included then it’s implied? I’d appreciate any advice on this?



2 thoughts on “Thing 11: Copyright

  1. I can’t comment on the licences as it’s something I’m trying to learn about as well. However, another good source for copyright-free images in I’ve been using it a lot recently. The information page says “All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.” I tend to add the URL of the image and the photographer’s name every time I use one as it’s only right that they get a nod for their work.

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